Online Mandala Workshops

Want 2021 to be amazing?
Draw your intentions into a Mandala

Saturday, January 21, 10-11:30am Hawaii time

In this workshop we will be:

1. Enjoying  a centering, meditative experience that will ground you in finding the calm in any storm
2. Set your clear intentions for 2021 making it your best year ever.
3. Tap into the power of free hand mandalas and learn to draw a mandala from scratch
4. Enjoy a centering, meditative experience
5. Spend precious time with yourself in a safe container away from stress and anxiety
6. Overcome creative blockages and get your creative juices flowing

This workshop is for you if:

1. You love drawing and being creative
2. You desire to  be creative and want to learn a new skill
3. You have struggled with making time for your own creative outlet and want the accountability
4. You deeply desire to feel centered and focused during these intense times on the planet
5. You believe in the power of meditation yet struggle doing it in the traditional form
6. You have been feeling ungrounded, deeply challenged and you want to feel grounded and whole
7. You sometimes or often experience anxiety / stress  and would like to learn new ways to be without it
8. You have heard of or believe in the power of intention settings as a means of manifesting  your desires and living up to your dreams

If any of the above resonates, I hope you will join us on the 21st.

Registration opens on January 14 and is open on a first come first serve basis open to a max of 10 people to ensure the quality of the experience.

January 21st at 10-11:30am HT,  $42 or by donation.

If you are ready, lock in your seat with the link below


“I was not only lucky, but honored to be able to attend Ayala’s Mandala class for beginners and was transformed by the experience. She not only created a welcoming and energetically calming space, but she provided guidance through the Mandala creating process that allowed me to tap into something deep within myself that was projected into my work. It felt cathartic to trust that my hand (and heart) would lead me in which direction I needed to go to draw my piece. It was an opportunity to not only learn the art of Mandala, but how to truly trust myself.” – A . B .

“This workshop was just what my soul has been wanting. Needing. Calling for. Learning the tools to create Mandalas as well as sinking into the nurturing space with Ayala, the other lovely ladies and sweet melodies has been an amazing and memorable experience. I am so grateful and would totally do it again!” – K .

“Mandalas & Sacred Geometry for beginners opened my mind, body, emotion and spirit to exploring unknown territory within. Ayala held space as guide and facilitator to really absorb and integrate the foundations of the Sacred Geometry and gave us freedom to truly go deep into the unfolding mysteries of the Mandalas. Mahalo!” – S .