The Mandala Workshop

In a nourishing, well thought out, high vibration setting, cultivate your inherent abilities and experience empowering group dynamics. Set your intentions and enjoy clarity while drawing a beautiful Mandala, an expression of your unique creative self.

The word “Mandala” comes from the ancient Sanskrit and roughly translates to mean “circle.” Much more than a simple shape, a mandala is a complex, symmetrical geometric design, organized around a central point or unified center. Mandalas are powerful symbols in many cultures and spiritual practices and can also be found organically in nature.

Drawing mandalas is a wonderful activity for meditation, self-expression, quieting the mind and soothing the body. You don’t need to be an artist to create beautiful mandalas or benefit from the practice.

Want 2021 to be amazing?
Draw your intentions into a Mandala

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“I loved Ayala’s mandala workshop! I don’t consider myself a creative person, yet I was able to create something beautiful under her skillful guidance. She clearly holds the belief that everyone can be creative, so she simply allowed my creativity to emerge. She’s an excellent teacher, with a the right balance of mind and heart. When I needed instruction she was clear and concise, yet she never imposed her ideas on me, instead allowing me to connect with what’s inside me. The students in the class ranged in age and skill level, and Ayala was accepting and honoring of each one.”  – L.B. Kauai



Mandala Workshops


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“I believe in infinite potential and love to see people at awe of their own creation. In all my years of teaching, I’ve never seen an ugly Mandala. It’s some kind of magic.” – Ayala Wise

Artwork by Ayala Wise

Mahalo For Your Participation